So I am a day late with this post; I have already put the agreed upon $5 on my brothers coffee card.  It has been a busy week for me.  It started last Friday with a tragedy that rocked my entire family.  It was some very sad news and hard to be grateful, for it.  If you take the time and do some soul searching and perhaps even praying, you find that there is some good in every bad or tragic event.  This event took some time for me to find any good in it; but I think that I have come to some sort of peace with it.

I was visited this past week by a Corporate Operations Manager, he spent the entire week with me, working on a project that I have been wanting to do for the past two years, at my Distribution Center.  It was a trip that he and I had not planned on, but he had some time open and so he flew in.  It will, if approved by others, make my Distribution Center a more productive facility and help manage our inventory even better; but it is a different system than the one that is currently being used by all of the other Distribution Centers in our company.  The completion of this project is one of my major goals for 2013, so I am grateful that this colleague took the time to fly in and work with me on it.

This morning I was up and working at my desk as the sun rose.  It was absolutely beautiful!  It was a reminder to me that I am very fortunate and even though there is tragedy in life, there is beauty as well.  I am grateful for the lord and these gentle reminders, that life is beautiful and should be enjoyed.