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May 2013


Ha! short and sweet today… ’cause today – i choose life! And the irony of it is that it is my nephew’s passing that inspires me… ’cause you’re either alive or dead – and right now, my friend… we are…

A day late and $5 poorer

So I am a day late with this post; I have already put the agreed upon $5 on my brothers coffee card.  It has been a busy week for me.  It started last Friday with a tragedy that rocked my… Continue Reading →

for your bravery, i am grateful

i am grateful for each one of you you have taken another step when there was no reasoning to justify that step you have awoken another morning and lived through yet another day i am grateful for each one of… Continue Reading →

To Life

My brother and I started this blog as a way to share with each other and the world, things that we are grateful for.  Sometimes this is not an easy thing to do; not because we aren’t grateful, but I… Continue Reading →

the beauty of my boy

i am grateful for the wondrous beauty within my son… i am amazed that i even receive the honor of calling him “my son” — i hope and wish for nothing more than to be able to support his roots… Continue Reading →

The Law of Attraction

Napoleon Hill wrote a book back in the late 1930’s called Think and Grow Rich.  In this book he talks about the Law of Attraction.  Other inspirational people have mentioned this as well, Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul as… Continue Reading →

so much to b gr8tful 4

funny stuff good music hard beats people who forgive me for being a jerk my friends (they’re those who forgive) my family (they r, too) yoga (please forgive me) sunny skies the beach! bugs bunny tha, tha, that’s all folks!

Play Ball!

Well we have had one full month of Major League Baseball and I think that it is great!  Yesterday my wife and daughter took a day off from school, one teaching the other attending, and the three of us took… Continue Reading →


it is may day—a day to celebrate Spring in her most powerful form… winter is behind us and the heat of summer is not yet upon us (it isn’t? then we are in for a bloody hot time…) take a… Continue Reading →

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