Today I had an interesting day at the office.  I love this job that I do on a daily basis; going to my office and running the Distribution Center.  I started the day a little frustrated.  At the end of last year I requested that one of my employees be promoted into a purchasing position; this would take him off of an hourly wage and make him salaried with some bonus structure.  So I emailed one of my upper management team this morning, asking him what was happening with the promotion, since neither my employee or myself have heard anything, these past three months.  The person who I emailed replied, “I am a little confused.  What are you talking about?”  I thought, are you kidding me?  So I replied that while everyone else who works at my facility had received a raise this new year, the one person who I want to promote, still has not been promoted and is the only person who works for me, that has not received a raise this year.  Status Quo.  No reply back.

Later I am looking over my P&L for the month of March and I notice a $10 charge for one of my Semi Trailers, only I can’t find the invoice to match up with the charge.  I realize that I am charged this same charge every month, yet I can never find the invoice.  So after emailing my vendor, who did the charging, inquiring for a copy of the invoice, they told me to ask my fleet department.  So I emailed my fleet department, asking them for a copy of the invoice.  The director of Fleet, emailed back that it is a 700 page invoice for the whole company.  The charge was a management fee for one of my 48 foot trailers.  Meanwhile, the director of my division emails me that I should quit chasing $10.  My point was that the charge wasn’t for any of my trailers; I was already being billed the fee on another invoice and $10 x 12 months = $120 a year.  I know, when we are talking a budget of several million dollars, what is $120.  Well if they are charging me frauduently, what if they are doing it to other facilities within the company?  We have close to 300 facilities across the country; $120 x 300 = $36,000.  If my company can afford to lose $36,000 without thinking about it….my name on the check should begin  with two A’s.

So what is my point, here?  Well, once I vented to my warehouse manager, behind closed doors, I went about my business.  The facility continued to run; the trucks were loaded and everyone went home and we all have a job to return to.  I realized that it is what it is.  I can only ask for and share information.  Some things are out of my control and that is what it is.  If I don’t like it, I need to change it.  If I can’t change it, and it really bothers me.  I can always find another job.  My choice.

Later my phone rang while I was on the other line, the person who I want to promote answered for me.  It was upper  management.  They asked my employee if it was true, that they had not received their promotion yet.  My employee answered that they had not been promoted yet.  Upper management said that was supposed to have gone into effect on January 1st, and that they would look into it.  I also received an email from the director of Fleet stating they would look into my $10 fee, to make sure that I am not being double charged.

I am grateful that I am who I am; and a part me has learned some patience over the years and that if you don’t communicate, you only know what you think.  Unfortunately, what we think, is not always reality.  I am grateful for that knowledge as well.