Alright; second attempt here this evening… what am I grateful for? Ha ha ha… I’m grateful for mi friends who’ve known me over the years. They know more of the truth then I do in some ways.

HA! Except for you, dear friend, that want to put me down and hold me to what you knew of me years ago… why don’t you let me grow? or let me go?

And of course there’s those that know me now, first hand—they see the cracks in the exterior… they know the dents and boils. And still they have a smile to share—a moment of care.

And isn’t that what we all want? To know we are loved fully in the moment that we are… cracks and all. What did Mr. Cohen say?

Yes, that is how the light gets in…

I’m grateful for my joy… and knowing that I may chose it over my fear. I’ve got capability.

I’ll stop here before I head too far off course… of course đŸ™‚