As a child I was brought up in a Judeo Catholic household; my father was Jewish and practiced his faith.  My mother was Roman Catholic and she practiced her faith as well when were young children.  So on Saturday we could attend services with our father at the conservative temple or on Sunday we would have to go to church with our mother.  This was our choice.  I used to try and get out of going to either one.  On Saturday I would tell my father that I was a Catholic and then on Sunday I would then tell my mother that I was Jewish.  It never worked.  So I have been baptized as a Catholic; had my first communion and have been confirmed in Catholicism. I have also been Bar Mitzvah-ed and confirmed into Judaism.

Now I really do not practice either one of them.  That being said though, my younger sister and her husband have an incredible faith in the Lord Creator as well as in Jesus Christ.  A very good friend of mine also has an incredible faith in the Lord and Christ.  Many things have happened to all three of these people that would truly have a weaker person turn away from their faith in the Lord.  Not them.  Their faith is still strong and they still ask G-d for his guidance.

It is because of these people and because of books that I have read, “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield and “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill; that I too have faith in a higher power.  I pray to this power every night before I go to sleep; I pray to this power asking for guidance as well as for favors that I would want for my family, friends and  community.  My life has improved as my faith has increased.  This is a fact!

I have studied environmental and marine biology in college as well as some eastern philosophy.  I have some very strong beliefs regarding religion’s in this world as well as who Jesus Christ is or was.  I still enjoy reading texts from the bible; both old as well as the new testament.  I love history!  I once thought of teaching history as a high school instructor.  There is one thing that I know.  Even if you believe in the Big Bang Theory as the start of this world and that evolution is irrefutable.  Who created that first spark?

I believe in a higher power and that we all have the ability to recognize this power and what it has planned for us.  This is why I pray.  I ask and the power answers.  Sometimes the answer may not be what I want to hear; but in the end, I am stronger for it and am a better person because of it.

Have a great week and a wonderful life!  I know that I am; and for this, I am GRATEFUL!