i have yet to be on the mountain top; i have yet to stand there…
but i’ve seen it; i bear witness it exists

and just as the planet’s core is fire and brimstone—the energy is beyond strong; it is atomic
one moves closer to the surface and we get the elements of nature in its gentler state
fragrance of flowers; beauty of birds
endless waves lapping on infinite grains of sand
green meadows—blue skies

we, too, being a part of nature
have a molten core—fiery essence
mastered, it brings forth beauty of nature
beyond words

today, i’m grateful for one more day
what shall i do with this miracle?
i am grateful for time squandered
for it has allowed me time to take a breath
bring nutrients up from my core…

and now it is time… to greet the miracle with the same love with which it birthed me
thank you for another day