The Gratefulness Series

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April 2013

More on Faith

As a child I was brought up in a Judeo Catholic household; my father was Jewish and practiced his faith.  My mother was Roman Catholic and she practiced her faith as well when were young children.  So on Saturday we… Continue Reading →

every day is a miracle; immense potential

i have yet to be on the mountain top; i have yet to stand there… but i’ve seen it; i bear witness it exists and just as the planet’s core is fire and brimstone—the energy is beyond strong; it is… Continue Reading →

The pay off!

I believe that hard work is rewarded. It may not happen right away, but it does eventually get rewarded. I am grateful that I had a father who instilled in me a very good work ethic. I remember when I… Continue Reading →

I’m in <3 with my car

Sunday, as I was on the road, I was listening to KQED—our local NPR station. There was a gentleman (Daniel Gilbert) talking about research done on “being happy”; the state of happiness vs. satisfied with life. He used ownership of… Continue Reading →

What is new?

It is a Thursday afternoon and I am sitting in my home office, looking out the window, at the surrounding hills; they are starting to turn from green to gold.  I am also watching a Blue Jay fly in and… Continue Reading →

torn and frayed

Alright; second attempt here this evening… what am I grateful for? Ha ha ha… I’m grateful for mi friends who’ve known me over the years. They know more of the truth then I do in some ways. HA! Except for… Continue Reading →

Your thoughts, your life.

Today I had an interesting day at the office.  I love this job that I do on a daily basis; going to my office and running the Distribution Center.  I started the day a little frustrated.  At the end of… Continue Reading →

for peace

Gratitude… Look at our children. Be with them. This madcap rush around world—stay busy;be busy… no time to wait and reflect—this isn’t our children’s world. This isn’t our world. Listen to a story, play a game—just watch the wind blow…… Continue Reading →

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