This week I am so grateful for the knowledge that allows me to control my life.  I have assigned myself some tasks that I could very have easily avoided this week; meaning that if I don’t do them, nothing catastrophic will happen.  Since I have done one of them already, (one that I have been putting off for the past two weeks), I feel that I will increase my sales because of it.  This makes me wonder why I didn’t do it two weeks ago.

Face your fears or whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable.  Once you face them and overcome them, that part of your life becomes increasingly easier.

I have set myself some goals for this year and I am on my way to accomplishing them.  There are some steps that I must climb, maybe a river or two that I must cross, but with a positive attitude, nothing is impossible.  I didn’t say nothing is hard…just not impossible.

I look at all of the beauty around me and I am so grateful for all that I have; and it is this that keeps me moving forward and enjoying life.  I am FREE!