Since this is a blog about what we are grateful for, one might wonder just what i’m saying here… i’m grateful for an “ass whuppin’”?

No—not really. Yet, for some reason, I’ve not yet learned to learn without an occasional ethereal punch to the gut; hit to the face—knocked down to the ground…

And i’ve gotten a few this past week.

Last week, someone i thought was a friend and i gave credence to being a person of consciousness decided to censor my communication. Now, there is probably good reason for it all—but it still kind of kicked me in the gut. (Oh, i see i’m not over it yet. “hello, ego”)

Yesterday was the real kicker. Awoke to a negative balance in my checking account and a half hour later an email from a job position I went for that I thought was a “sure thing”. I guess i am not the “superman” i was thinking i was. I hafta do the work to get a job like everybody else does. surprise! (“hello, ego”)

SO… i am grateful for lessons learned. Be they hard, or be they easy. And I am hoping and praying i listen better and act wiser to avoid “the stick” in the future.

As my good brother Robert says, “Na na na nobody’s fault but mine…” (Then Jimmy cuts in with a killer riff!)