The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


March 2013


This past week I spent three wonderful days in Southern California with family, and friends that I consider family.  Right now as I write this I am sitting behind the left side of home plate, lower box level at ATT… Continue Reading →


I had a wonderful experience yesterday with a healer in Marin, Christine Tulis. She gives a free 1/2 hour healing to people—so easy to sign up from her site. A real blessing. I arrived at her home with the thought… Continue Reading →

Working for a living…

….and that is what I am grateful for!  No really; I am enjoying what I do.  I love running businesses and meeting new people, helping them solve their problems or just helping them run more efficiently and save themselves some… Continue Reading →

A perfect day

i am grateful for the perfect day i live today i am grateful for the grit in the oyster that creates the pearl i am grateful for the cloudy skies, bringing rain to quench the seeds thirst the light transforming… Continue Reading →


This week I am so grateful for the knowledge that allows me to control my life.  I have assigned myself some tasks that I could very have easily avoided this week; meaning that if I don’t do them, nothing catastrophic will… Continue Reading →

The hard things to talk about…

Today I feel the weight of the world; pulling me down into the weight of myself—my soul… And I hear we all go through it… dark nights of the soul. But we don’t want to talk about it… we want… Continue Reading →

Oh Yahhh!

Do you remember that Kool Aid commercial?  The big pitcher of Kool Aid, busting down a door or wall, saying “Oh YaaaaH!!   That is how I am feeling right now, knowing that I am feeling my obligation to my… Continue Reading →

ass whuppin’ – “the stick”

Since this is a blog about what we are grateful for, one might wonder just what i’m saying here… i’m grateful for an “ass whuppin’”? No—not really. Yet, for some reason, I’ve not yet learned to learn without an occasional… Continue Reading →

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