Tonight it is a very simple thing that I am grateful for.

Earlier this evening I was at my desk doing some work, writing emails, checking on my customers shipments and I remembered that today is Thursday and that I needed to write in this blog, (some sort of commitment that I have made to my brother).   Well I finished sending my emails and I finished my work, shut down my computer and forgot to write something for this blog.

I went into my room and read from a book, when my wife came in the room to go to sleep, she shut the light and I was ready to go to sleep as well; saying my nightly prayers, thanking the lord for all that he has given to me and my family, I remembered that I had not written out what I was grateful for….yet.  So here I am writing my weekly portion for this blog.

If that is not enough to be grateful for, my middle child received his drivers license yesterday and now I no longer need to drive him to school in the morning.  Yep, I am grateful for that as well.