Yes, tonight i am grateful for my health and well-being.

i just went through about 2 hours of “crippling” abdominal pain…

now, i have theories about the cause—but what is most important to me is i am almost through it

perhaps thanks to the homeopathic remedy liz had on hand.

so i am grateful to her and the remedy as well. AND – the only reason this post exists is so that i don’t owe my loving brother $5 on his starbucks card.

’cause that’s our agreement with each other – we each post once a week to our blog here, or there is a $5 accountability.

back to lying down and resting… (and considering that perhaps my held anger is a source of the pain… or was it that left-over Chinese take-out i ate a few hours ago.)

(note: go two minutes, 9 seconds into this video for the correct song)