Today was another beautiful day!  I really enjoyed my drive home from work; I wondered how many people that commute in California take the time to enjoy their surroundings?  I really do live in one of the most unique and beautiful states, in the entire world.  On one side of the Central Valley are the snow capped mountains and on the other are the green hills; drive over those hills and the San Francisco Bay or the Pacific Ocean spread out in front of you.  Can you imagine being one of the first European explorers to see that ?!  Fantastic!

So even though I pay too much in taxes and “fees”, to this state and country, I am certainly grateful that I was born here and that I live here.

I am also grateful for the friends and family that I have surrounding me.  They offer me support when needed and me to them.  I really enjoy being able to listen to a friends problems and then helping them see that it really is not a problem, but a lesson with a solution.  Yep I am grateful for life.