The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


February 2013

Today was another beautiful day!  I really enjoyed my drive home from work; I wondered how many people that commute in California take the time to enjoy their surroundings?  I really do live in one of the most unique and… Continue Reading →


i do believe i am lucky lucky i had a reminder for doing my post tonight lucky for the teachers i have in my life lucky for the support i have from friends and family lucky that i am more… Continue Reading →


Have you ever been hiking in a forest?  Usually you start at a well marked trail.  You have the proper shoes or boots on for the terrain; you have water and food, depending on how long you plan on hiking,… Continue Reading →

Just another day and another post.

What a beautiful week it has been.  Sitting here at my desk, the sun has just set, but there is still light enough to see this awesome scenery that surrounds me.  Just Awesome! Communication…oh so important, but oh so hard. … Continue Reading →

health & well-being

Yes, tonight i am grateful for my health and well-being. i just went through about 2 hours of “crippling” abdominal pain… now, i have theories about the cause—but what is most important to me is i am almost through it… Continue Reading →

Oh yaahhh!

Tonight it is a very simple thing that I am grateful for. Earlier this evening I was at my desk doing some work, writing emails, checking on my customers shipments and I remembered that today is Thursday and that I… Continue Reading →

that’s entertainment

i am still grateful for a great day of entertainment – what a super sunday that was! had family over with a lot of great food that one normally wouldn’t be eating with a lot of drink that one normally… Continue Reading →

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