Today I am very, very grateful for my mother.

At 8:30AM PST I was at my sister’s home to be part of the convoy (small as it was; convoy of two vehicles) to take her, a close friend and 15 cases of luggage to the Sacramento International Airport.

At 76 years old, she has moved to her new home in Nicaragua. Her dream is to retire living at the beach and she believed she couldn’t afford the beach life here in the USA—so she found a place on the planet that emulates the Southern California beach life that we lived in the 70’s. She is living her dream…

And I believe she went with her family’s blessings (perhaps with some trepidation and concern).

Of course, her idea of retirement? Start a business in Nicaragua. She wants to train people in the health industry down there on caring for elderly. You can see some of her thoughts on this topic on her website, And, at the airport, she actually was gearing up for starting two businesses… heaven knows what the second one is.

As I think back on my living with this incredible woman as such an intimate part of my life—I am truly grateful for all the experiences she has given me and I have witnessed from the sidelines. Her’s is definitely a road less traveled; with the heartaches and pains of such traveling—and the glory as well. I know miracles exist because of her.

Thank you, Mom. I love you,