Well this was an interesting week at work.  Apparently my bosses boss, feels that I blind-sided him by going after some new revenue, to cover some of my trucking expenses.  As my assistant manager and I were laughing about it; stating that I will be the first person in the company to be fired for trying to make more money.  Yes I thought that was funny.  What else are you going to do, but laugh.  I tried contacting him, to explain just exactly what I was doing and why….I still have not received a call back.  I did talk with my boss and explained it to him; and at least he and I agree on it, but I still am not allowed to pursue it.  As a stock holder, I am not too happy about it.  Okay that is the last time I will talk about it….whoosh; it is gone!

I am grateful for the work that I do and that I still enjoy doing what I do.  I had a great weekend, helping celebrate the Chinese New Year with some good customers and friends.  The weather has been beautiful and this will be one of my best years ever.  I have several goals written down and I am on my way towards accomplishing them.

I have love in my life and money in the bank, (although the government is doing their damnedest to take it).  I am still enjoying life and for all of that and more, I am very grateful.