Right now I am sitting up in my office, surrounded by wonderful art work, listening to some good jazz on KCSM, San Mateo College radio.  That is enough to be grateful for, in itself!  Yet I will move forward with even more to be grateful for.

This past two weeks have been very productive for me; at work and in my own personal endeavors.  My mom moved to her new home in Latin America, safely, and she is settling right in to her new life.  My oldest son seems to be enrolled in and is attending the local college; while my younger son,  (he is a junior in high school), has begun to receive letters from colleges around the country.  Apparently his PSAT scores are now public.

I am getting ready to move my self and my facility into the future at one place of employment; in so doing this, I just may upset some higher powers there.  I understand this and I have been making sure that when I pull the trigger, should someone ranking higher than me, fire back…I have the life boats in the water, waiting to pick me up.

Dogs were never taught to swim; yet throw them into a body of water and they move their legs and move through the water.  If you think that you are drowning in life, move your legs and begin your momentum forward.

Plan, prepare and execute!