Yesterday I was driving to Sacramento to play golf in a tournament with a bunch of my peers, just outside of the downtown area, my car decided that it wanted to go no further.  Well it does have 288,394 miles on it so if it has decided that it doesn’t want to go one mile more, well it has earned that right.  Did I mention that I was in the fast lane going north on Highway 5, when it decided to die?  After the gentleman driving behind me and I pushed my car into the center divide, I called AAA to come tow my off of the highway.  I then called one of my co-workers, asking him to pick me up from the car repair facility and to help me continue my journey to the golf course.  It was a beautiful day out on the golf course; about 70 degrees, no wind and on the front nine holes I actually played well.

After playing golf I called my sister to see if she would pick me up from the golf course on her way home from her office.  She did.  Then called my mother to see if she would pick me up from my sister’s house, on her way home from her office.  She did.  So I spent the night in Sacramento with my mom.  That was a nice visit.

I called the mechanic this afternoon and well….it was the water pump that gave out.  So let’s get this baby fixed and see if we can’t get it to over 300,000 miles.  So I will spend one more night in Sacramento, visiting with my mom.  All in All, not a bad way to spend two and half days.

So take the bad and find the good.  Life is what you make it.