So to all of my friends and family, I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Mine was fantastic.  Dinner on Thursday with family, relaxed and did some chores around the house on Friday, visited some old family friends on Saturday morning and then football and some more chores on Sunday.  What a great weekend!

I am finding that in business, just as in my personal life, patience is a virtue.  Patience doesn’t mean that I have an excuse to procrastinate; it means that no matter how far the journey is, if I put one foot in front of the other I continue to make progress towards my destination.  I am also continuing to learn that when I put my fears aside and trust myself, I manage to take a bigger stride.  Let me share an example with you.

I have a customer who I started doing business with, when I walked into his place of business, unannounced and introduced myself and my company.  I put away my fear of cold-calling and walked into his office.  He did not do any immediate business with me, but I continued to call on him and check in via email.  Eventually he gave me a couple of shipments to move for him.  Patience, I didn’t press him for the business I just reminded him occasionally that I was there to help him whenever he needed it.  So in the beginning every freight shipment that he gave us, something went wrong.  Rather than make excuses or blame the carriers that he chose or that the information that he gave us wasn’t correct, I took control of the situations, accepted my responsibilities as a business partner and made the bad situation better.  I promised better communication from me to him and have kept that promise.  He was patient with our short-comings.  In the six months that I have been doing business with him and his company, I think I may have moved three or four shipments for him; this past month we have moved five shipments for him.  I believe that it is because we were both patient and because I accepted my responsibilities, put away my fears and decided to become a business partner and not just another vendor.

So today I am grateful for the lessons that I continue to learn everyday and for the opportunities to be a partner with life.