Yesterday was Halloween.  I am told by my wife that it is a Celtic tradition rooted in Scotland and Ireland; and that it has nothing to do with Dia de Muerta.  I have no clue as to what its roots are.  I know that as I have gotten older, I am happy when it is over.  I hate going to costume parties.  I think that my creativity is being sucked from me by this black hole that is life…yea, right.  I just don’t care too much about putting on costumes anymore.

So now that Halloween is over, it also means that the stores will have all of their Christmas decorations up by this weekend, ( I think that is ridiculous).  The nice thing about Christmas approaching is that people are generally more friendly; and that is nice.

Then once the holidays are gone, it is time for the year to begin; and with the new year I get to look forward to all of the things that a new year holds for me and my family.  This is something that I truly do look forward to.  The beginning of the new year is also when I am paid any bonus checks that I have coming my way from the previous year.  That is always nice.

So I am grateful that Halloween has arrived and past….and I am also grateful for the Candy Corn that comes with the ghoulish holiday.