Today, I am grateful for our Freedom… a bit patriotic I suppose. However, if I am to devote my life to love and peace, then I need to take a serious look at my own feelings, thoughts and actions towards all things that are not loving and peaceful—including the country I live in. Yes, I harbor thoughts of radicalism and revolution.

And as is pointed out to me so often, we enjoy many freedoms of choice that are not supported so strongly in other countries. So, there is a lot to be grateful about being a citizen of the United States.

We may speak freely and openly, on any topic (and yes, there may be consequences to such speech – ce la vie).

And as the song below says; the real freedom resides within… it shan’t come from outside ourselves. Any ripple in the waters of my being that are distraught; any emotion or thought in which I turn from—relinquishing my own peace and love—so easy to attribute it to an outer source… but they are my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings.

Do I really hate anybody else? No, I hate myself. Do I really get angry at anybody else? No, I am angry at myself. It is in knowing this and living this that I begin to see clearly how “at one” we truly are.

On this morning, the United States president is declared to be Barack Obama. Yes, I am grateful. But let me not get so caught up in the outer life of politics that I give no attention to my own inner freedom. I will never be free as long as I believe in the sources of thought that give rise to unloving, angry thoughts and emotions.