Oh, life
So dear
Heart full of warmth
Breaking with ache
Breaking me apart
I fall
I do
And in the depths of my sadness
You bring me a laugh
And a smile
And it so often is when it is too late
That we realize the gifts that we had all around us
Like we are
With the cracks and imperfections
Like we are
And some things come too quick
Because we forgot to say
“I Love You”
When they could hear
With body’s ears
So clear
And we moved on
Because we do
And we will get through
All do
But in this moment
In this quiet moment
As night becomes late
I remember you all
And I smile
Through tears
And I am grateful I am alive
So perfect
Each body
Each soul…

And I won’t explain the things I feel
They might be fake; they might be real
And I won’t say I know it all
I don’t know anything at all
People come
And people go
To where
I do not know
But I believe they travel on
Like the notes to this song

I am grateful I was at my father’s side when he took his last breath
I am grateful I was at my wife’s side when all three of our children were born
I am grateful for you