Out of the darkness and into the light.  I haven’t written prose in quite a while and I don’t think that I will do so now, but….

Picture sitting inside a house; in the living room.  You are a child kneeling on a big, cushy couch; looking out the window with a down trodden heart, because it is pouring rain outside.  In fact it is raining so hard that you can barely see out the window because of the rain that is splashing against it.  What a bummer!  You wanted to go skate-boarding or play stick ball; but now you are stuck inside because of this crummy weather.  The longer that you kneel there, staring out the window, the darker your thoughts become and you wish that could either change the weather with a blink or a snap of your fingers, but you know that you can’t and you are just miserable.  Life SUCKS!

Now your mother calls to you and tells you to let the dog in.  So you move off of the couch and go to the huge, dark, heavy oak door.  You mess with the dead bolt lock, again, getting frustrated and becoming even more miserable, because it is sticking and not unlocking right away. Finally you get the lock to slide and you slowly open the door, because it is so heavy. When you have the door open wide enough, the dog comes running into the house.

Now you are a little perplexed, because the dog doesn’t stop to shake the rain water off of its back, it just goes running to its food bowl in the kitchen. You are still standing by the door with it partially open; so you look outside and realize that the gardener was cleaning the gutters on the roof and the water running down the window is coming from his hose.

If you get off of the couch and unlock and open the doors that are in front of you, you are able to step out into the sun; and then have some fun.

For all of this, I am grateful.