I have know idea why that title, except my brother likes me to have a title; so there it is.

I just spent the last five days in Dallas Texas for business; it is a trip that I have had to make every year, for the past three years.  It is not a trip that I relish taking; in fact, other than me getting some very short face time with some people that I talk with maybe once a week on the phone, I really think this trip is a waste of my time.  So before traveling this year, I decided that I would try to complete four objectives by the time I left today.  I am happy to say that except for being delayed both flying to Texas and again today on the way home, it was a good trip.  I believe that I have fully accomplished two of my objectives, pretty sure that I will get at least half of the third and I can live without the fourth, but at least I asked for it.  I did receive good news while I was in Texas, kind of a bonus objective, that I wasn’t even planning on; as a matter of fact, after my first meeting on Monday afternoon, I had given up on it.  Well Tuesday evening, I was told not to give up on what I wanted to do, don’t ask, just do it!  Rock n’ Roll, baby!  So it was a good trip.

I made it there and back home safely.  I didn’t get sick while there, not even a cold; and now I am home…for all of this, I am grateful.