Oh deary me. Because I’ll owe my brother a $5 card if I don’t post tonight; I’m posting.

But I gotta tell ya, I just as soon be heading to bed. It’s been a bit tough today… My nephew would probably jump in here to call me on my shit; for even considering what I experienced to construed as tough when there is so much suffering going on in this very moment.

People experiencing rape, murder; strife and struggling at the 7th circle of hell. Compared to this, who am I to say I am suffering?

It’s a good point—yet my suffering is real to me. More real then the other mentioned suffering, because it is my experience—I know it. I do not know other people’s suffering. I am not experiencing their suffering… Or am I?

The truth? The truth is that I have some more work to do before I head to bed. And I want to head to bed.

And this is my post. Oh, yeah… I am grateful for my brother, my nephew Nate, Liz, The Healer, Robert Griffin III…