Today I am grateful that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  What tunnel?  The tunnel of financial woe.  I certainly am not out of that tunnel and it has been quite a strain on my family, helping me carry the weight; but by the new year, we will be through the tunnel and out onto the other side of the mountain.

I think that it is easier sometimes to use the tunnel to go through the mountain, you just have to remember as you enter the darkness, that if you keep moving forward, eventually you will come out on the other side and eventually you will feel the warmth of the sun and G-d’s love.

Climbing over the mountain isn’t so bad either.  It may be harder, but you get to experience some wonderful views, usually, and once you start down the mountain, it isn’t so bad.

So either way, remember when things are tough, that moving forward always leads you to success.  Standing still, keeps you where you are.