Yesterday I had to have small physical, weight, height, blood pressure, ect. for the company that I work for.  If I am healthy, the company gives me a discount on the cost of medical insurance.  Standing on the scale, I weighed the same weight as when I graduated from high school.  I am saying that I weighed the same; I certainly do not look the same.  This is something that made me very happy and I feel is quite an accomplishment.  I like to eat rich foods, dairy is something that should be cherished and I have rarely ever turned a good beer, wine or port away.

Four months ago I was ten to twelve pounds heavier than I am now.  I started jogging with my dogs around the vineyard, I would swim laps in the pool (occasionally) and I started doing sit-ups at work as I waited for my lap-top to shut down.  I have also started watching the portions that I eat as well as what I eat and when.

So start down this path of health, so that I can live longer and enjoy this wonderful life that the Lord has given me.

For that, I am grateful.