I am so, so very grateful for a positive attitude, perseverance and conquering my fears.  If this past two months have been a struggle for me financially, I have not let that struggle knock out!  I have been laying the down the brickwork or foundation for my families financial future; and I am sure that we will be racing along that road, very soon.

Today I had the choice of making a Cold Call to a potential customer or driving on past them on to my next appointment.  One voice said, go see your current customer; that way you will miss any traffic on your way back.  I did not listen to that voice.  Instead I stopped  at the potential customer; went in and introduced myself to the manager there.  We had a great 10 minute conversation and on his recommendation, I may have to travel to his company’s headquarters, because he feels that we could better serve him, if his company was a national account for us.  Okay!  I can do that!

I didn’t listen to the voice of my fear.  The one that told me to keep driving.  Don’t stop; you don’t like to cold call.  I overcame that fear.  I over came it by being positive that I had a solution for him and his company; by being positive that I am the best!

I will persevere and I will remain positive that I can conquer all fears and doubts that I may have.  The Lord or the Force or whatever you choose to believe, it is with me.  I know this and I pray and thank the Lord every night for walking with me and showing me the way.  Thank you to you all for your support as well.

Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus….