I’d be a foolish man indeed if I did not overflow with gratitude in this moment… I can look around me and see so many unresolved questions… and yet, i am like a shell surrounding the kernel… there was a purpose for the shell; it protected the kernel. But now it is time for it to crack and fade away – it is time for growth.

So much beauty and love; it is time to merge with it… and yet, i am afraid – i want to hold on to my shell, protect that which i know… even though i see that doing so just brings death – and I want to live…

How do i walk the path of peace? how do i live moment to moment without fear or anger? perhaps first i must learn to master them… such endless pits to pass… over? through? how do i see that which is embodied in “another” as me and help to heal that which needs healing?

tonight i had a passing thought; eventually all my outwardly turned anger will rest inward and i will know that i am only truly angry with myself – and with this knowledge will come forgiveness and peace… when the devil forgives himself—is forgiven—we all enter heaven

I have gratitude for peace – in the many forms it takes… i call to prayer so that i might have knowledge and endurance; peace and joy; love and hope beyond my own beliefs and boundaries… so that i might surpass my follies and support us all on our journeys.