You might really be wondering why this is something to be grateful for.

It is easy, acknowledging one’s disability or fault is the first step towards healing it, yes? And I don’t want to be an asshole.

But here I am, sitting at my desk writing this after having just done a “run through” training for a payroll process. And the woman I did the run-through with as sweet as can be… but what am I thinking yesterday when she is emailing everyone that the process isn’t working and she did everything correctly? Well, I would not be so happy if others were thinking the same of me—which I am sure they have at some time or other…

And what about the poor woman driving through Mill Valley yesterday evening, obviously lost? I was very patient as she did a three point U-turn through Camino Alto—but when she came to a stop midway through the next traffic light; sort of turning to the right and sort of just sitting in the middle of the lane? Well, I honked loudly and then drove on when she scooted out of the way.

I could see what looked to be a child in the back pointing towards a playing field on the other side of things… and a quiet voice said I could have honked politely (yes, there is way to do so) and then followed her around the corner to give her instructions on how to get to the playing field. Not so obvious if you are not from the area.

I realized I could have acted/reacted differently.

So I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge I’m an asshole—and grateful for the patient people of the world that remain with me as I continue to strive to be a peaceful person.