Or if you ask and the need is great, have faith and you shall receive.

Today I am so grateful that I spoke with a friend of mine who is feeling miserable about his life and that I just read the latest blog post from my little sister at Bentrivka.com .

My friend was telling me that he was so miserable last week, so he went to a night club that he hadn’t been in for a while.  As he sat there drinking feeling miserable about his life, the DJ played a song from Beyoncé and at the same time on the video screen played a disc that my friend had made of his artwork.  One of the bartender’s recognized my friend and told everyone at the bar that it was his artwork on the screen.  Instant celebrity!  How can you feel miserable about yourself, when people are telling you how wonderful you are?

My sister’s blog was more about calling onto the Lord for help and five minutes later, realizing that he ( I picture God as a male figure) had done what she had asked.

I love it all and I am so grateful for the life that I am living…..