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August 2012

Weight of the World…

Yesterday I had to have small physical, weight, height, blood pressure, ect. for the company that I work for.  If I am healthy, the company gives me a discount on the cost of medical insurance.  Standing on the scale, I… Continue Reading →

so much to be grateful for, my mind goes blank

I’d be a foolish man indeed if I did not overflow with gratitude in this moment… I can look around me and see so many unresolved questions… and yet, i am like a shell surrounding the kernel… there was a… Continue Reading →


I am so, so very grateful for a positive attitude, perseverance and conquering my fears.  If this past two months have been a struggle for me financially, I have not let that struggle knock out!  I have been laying the… Continue Reading →

I’m an @$$h0le

You might really be wondering why this is something to be grateful for. It is easy, acknowledging one’s disability or fault is the first step towards healing it, yes? And I don’t want to be an asshole. But here I… Continue Reading →

Family Love

rock n roll all nightTonight I am heading to a Motley Crue and Kiss concert.  I am going to see them with my brother, Greg.  ROCK N ROLL!!! So tonight I am grateful that my brother has invited me to… Continue Reading →

Faith will move a mountain!

Or if you ask and the need is great, have faith and you shall receive. Today I am so grateful that I spoke with a friend of mine who is feeling miserable about his life and that I just read… Continue Reading →

maybe a few steps closer

tonight, i am feelin’ it—strongly yeah, a little older… a little wiser— maybe 😉 so much to be grateful for… so many loving friends… a loving family that just shows it to me every single day… inspiration to continue striving… Continue Reading →

So cool…..

Well I will say that other than the reunion get together at Crystal Cove, July has been the most trying month for me, within this past year.  I know that it will be getting better, but still I struggle not… Continue Reading →

i am grateful. i am alive.

i am close to turning fifty. it seems like a turning point to me; poignant with meaning that i cannot place into words. some agree with me—about turning fifty. some don’t. and isn’t that the way of it? the mystical… Continue Reading →

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