Just about everything I know about sales, I have learned from my father.  This is interesting to me, since I really wasn’t into sales when my father was still alive; but he would plan sales meetings for his team of sales people and I would attend the Comdex show in Vegas with him.  I guess that he has taught me, even when I wasn’t trying to learn.  For that I am grateful; because he was one of the best!

I learned from my father that you don’t ever except the word “No”.  No just means not today and come back some other time.  Well that lesson has paid off for me and it continues to pay off.  Not just in sales but if you continue to work on something, eventually you will find a solution.  How long did it take Edison to invent the light bulb or vulcanized rubber tires?  What about Henry Ford and the single block V8  engine?

Persevere!  Try, try again…eventually it will work.  If it does not, then it is impossible to do; but if you thought of it, is it really impossible?  Press on troops and be grateful for your successes