Sometimes the Spirit moves me and I write from the heart and soul of who I am and it just feels right…

And sometimes I come back around and reread what I wrote, once feeling so inspired… and it comes across as flat and uninspired—and I wonder what changed from the time i wrote it to now. This is one of those times.

A time when I have a memory of inspiration; when I felt one with the universe and the human spirit within me soared… soaring not of my own volition but with all of you. And we soared together to our highest dreams; to where hearts join together as one in a cumulative symphony of passion and art—we shine together as a single masterpiece while retaining our individual essence… the individual essence creating in unison the masterpiece of the symphony. For what would a symphonic masterpiece sound like if it only contained woodwinds, strings, percussion—vocals?

It is in our individuality that the music is heard; when played in unison.

The label “God” is not meant to define something which we are not; it is defined by who we are. It speaks of the eternal, the essences of life—states of peace, joy, love. Life did not come from death. And life always has been. And in the eternal—that which continues on endlessly without border, boundary or fear—that is divine. How do we communicate about the boundless, infinite experience and knowledge that remains motionless and in motion—simultaneously?

Use what ever label you are comfortable with in your moment; and come join the symphony. Play out to our highest potential… There are still symphonies to be played; symphonies to be written.

For this, I am grateful