It’s another Wednesday night… Gotta be ’round 10.
Oh, no—it’s 10:30 ‘nd I still gots work to be done
You know what I realize? I’m never going to get it all done.
In fact, I’m going to keep accepting more before I even finish…

What? what was that you said? Ah, yes… I feel those places where I don’t breath…
I sense the darkness from which I deceive
And though you keep asking, I won’t leave

Down though I am
On scrapped and nervous knees
I’ll climb back into the rigging
To sail all seven seas

And serpents of Sicily
Long forgotten souls
Bringing forth in anger
Showing logic has its holes

I guess I am grateful
For the turn of a phrase
For the high hopes and praise
Knowing Jesus saves

And I guess I am grateful
That the secret within
Will eventually win
Though the ego will grin

And another night
Stormy night
No stars are bright
Let it rage

History past
The future won’t last
So I’m having a blast
Act my age

With a withered shout
The sages attempt to get out
But doctors orders keep gates locked tight
And no one is getting free tonight

I shalt not begin to wonder
About what words I write
I’m just havin’ a bit of fun
With the droogs tonight