My brother and I started this blog as a place where we could write about what we are grateful for in our lives.  As silly as it may seem, that is not always an easy thing to do, every week.  Not because we aren’t grateful for our lives and what we have, but we don’t always remember that this is a weekly task that we promised each other that we would do, ( Greg owes me another 5 on my Starbucks card; yea boooyyy); and we try not to be repetitive about what we say.  I am sure by now that you all realize that I am truly grateful for my family, health and surroundings.  How many times must I mention that?  I am grateful that my nephew Cole has survived his duty in the Marine Corps and that he has also survived having a malignant tumor removed from his brain stem.  It is truly remarkable the progress that he has made this past year, in his recovery.

I have learned a lot over my life time and as much as I try to teach my children the knowledge that I have gained over the years, I am grateful that they will have to learn on their own and that I will get to witness that education.  It takes so many different people to make this world rotate, the way that it does and I am grateful to be a part of that as well.

One of the reason’s that my brother and I started this blog, is in Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles, he talks about writing down what it is that you are grateful for.  It was a little over three or four years ago when Tom Hart, founder of The Success Series, introduced me to Jack Canfield and his success theories.  I can say that my life has changed for the better, since then.  So today and this week, I am grateful for the conversation that Tom and I had a few years ago and the many conversations that we have had since then.  Thank you Tom!