Where should I start?

My oldest graduated from High School last week; I truly am grateful that he made it through.  We celebrated on Saturday at our house with about fifty family members and friends.  I am grateful that I have a place where entertaining fifty people is not a problem, ( I think that we all had a good time ).  I am grateful for it being almost Summertime; I like floating in the pool, with a beer in my hand.  Every day the lord paints me a beautiful picture, that I get to admire either on my way to work or while I am sitting at my house.  For that I am truly grateful!

The family is healthy and I have a job or two that I don’t mind doing.  I am working with friends, who I consider family and family who I consider friends.  That is something to be grateful for as well!

So much has been handed to me.  I am blessed and there for, I am grateful for that as well!

Have a wonderful week!