So let me continue where my brother Greg, left off.  This past Monday, April 30th, my grandmother would have turned 99; if she had not passed away a month earlier.  My grandmother was a woman of strong Catholic faith who accepted people for who they were.  In this I believe that she accepted the teachings of Jesus Christ into her life, truly.  To celebrate her birthday, I attended a Catholic Mass Monday morning, before I went to work.  The gospel spoke of how Jesus believed that the true Shepard of a flock, would stay and protect the sheep even if a wolf appeared.  The sheep would know that they were safe, with the Shepard who owned the sheep; because he had a vested interest in their well-being.  Jesus said that he was the Shepard for the people of the world; that he was going to die so that we may all live.

I don’t consider myself to be a good Catholic, at all or even a very religious man, but I agree that we should be looking out for one another, rather than trying to compete with each other.  I believe that my good friends and family, know that in their times of need or trouble, they can always call on me; for my opinion, wealth or just needing someone to listen to them.  If they need physical strength, I tell them that my sons will be there shortly.  Every human being is just that; nothing more, nothing less.  It doesn’t matter what race, color, sex or religion we believe in; we are all just human.  Let’s help each other get through life.

By the way, Monday afternoon I received a phone call from a gentleman I have never met or spoken to before Monday; in fact I have not even dealt with his company in any way.  He received my name and number from a mutual business associate he told him that I may be able to help him out.  He may just end up being my largest account….currently.   For that, I am grateful!