This past weekend, (Memorial Day weekend), my wife and I traveled to Cleveland Ohio for a family wedding.  We traveled without our children, which was really nice for my wife and I; we were able to do things that we wanted to do without having to listen to the many complaints of any one child.  For that I am grateful and I could probably stop right there; but I won’t.

We returned home on Monday afternoon and my wife went outside to water her garden.  When she opened the gate to go out of the enclosed yard, all four of our dogs took off at a sprint and ran into the vineyard.  Three hours later, three of the four came home, muddy and worn out.  Where was the fourth?  We drove around a two-mile radius of our house looking for her.  No sign of her anywhere and she did not respond to our calling for her.  Tuesday morning before I had to report to Jury Duty, I went to the golf course next door and asked the care-takers if they had seen her; they hadn’t.  So Tuesday night I went to bed around 11:15 p.m., and the very last thing that I said in my head was, “Lord return Kellie to us, safe and healthy”.  Five minutes later our phone rang asking us if we were missing our Black Labrador.  The local fire department had been called out to rescue a dog from an irrigation canal; they called us to let us know that they were on their way to our house, bringing our Kellie home.  For this I am very grateful.  She was fine; a little cold and very tired, but after I gave her a long warm shower, she curled up on the floor next to where my daughter was sleeping.

Prayers are answered more often than not; and faith can move a mountain.