Today I am grateful for all the energy and effort that brought my friend Chris Furbee’s story to the front (and center) page of the Marin Independent Journal.

I am grateful for being a part of the process… and that is truly what it is; a group effort that brings such things about.

  • Furb sticking with his vision and life to bring about such a story.
  • Me for pitching the story
  • Robert Sterling and Paul Liberatore for seeing value to the story
  • And for the editorial staff (Robert?) for choosing it to be the leading story on the front page

One could really go on about all the other efforts that are involved; love and support of my family… etc., etc.

No wonder award show “thank you” speeches go on so long… one really could get carried away.

It really is a “working together” that brings forth great things.

It has been a good day.