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May 2012

She is home and so am I…

This past weekend, (Memorial Day weekend), my wife and I traveled to Cleveland Ohio for a family wedding.  We traveled without our children, which was really nice for my wife and I; we were able to do things that we… Continue Reading →

Huntington’s Disease & The Marin IJ

Today I am grateful for all the energy and effort that brought my friend Chris Furbee’s story to the front (and center) page of the Marin Independent Journal. I am grateful for being a part of the process… and that… Continue Reading →

Yea boy….!!!

So today it is all about being able to afford a car taking me to and from the airport; it is about my wife and I feeling that our children are old enough to take care of themselves for 5… Continue Reading →

she is a sweet mistress; she is a wonderful place to be

At this moment, I am looking out the window before me and the silhouette of Mt. Tam and the ridges leading up to its peak are receding into the night sky; the last rays of Wednesday slip silently into the… Continue Reading →

Ich bin sehr Gern!

By the time that you read this, I will either be at or have been to the Rammstein concert in Anaheim  California.  My younger son and I drove the 400 miles south to see them.  It is what he wanted for… Continue Reading →

i want it all – but i can’t have it

What am I grateful for today? Perspective It is not what I think I am in this moment that makes me what I am… it is what we think we are that makes me what I am… is the world… Continue Reading →

It is almost here, but not quite.

Today I worked from home, again.  It was a beautiful day!  The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, the grass is green and the pool is blue; the vineyard is green and growing.  It is almost like summertime!  Almost! … Continue Reading →

Keep It Funky Now

There are three minutes left of this funky groove… And in three minutes, I am going to write this post and thereby avoid buying my brother five dollaz worth of the caffeinated bean—’cause that’s one of our accountabilities with each… Continue Reading →

….you can bleed on me.

So let me continue where my brother Greg, left off.  This past Monday, April 30th, my grandmother would have turned 99; if she had not passed away a month earlier.  My grandmother was a woman of strong Catholic faith who… Continue Reading →

Well, I think it’s fine…

It has been quite a week. It has been quite a life… Today I overheard that a friend was at the brink, teetering at the edge—the precipice below calling out like sirens on storm tossed seas… calling lost souls to… Continue Reading →

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