So what can I write about that you have not already heard?  I am grateful for my family, my house, my health….. my life!  Yep you have heard it all before, but that today is what I am truly grateful for.  My daughter will be joining her two brothers this Saturday and officially become a teenager…yep as much as I resist it, I am grateful for that as well.  My daughter is growing up and she is healthy and beautiful.  My two boys are fairly healthy as we finish up another rugby season, although I wonder about John, after being dropped hard on his head last week.  Jennifer and I enjoy hanging out together, we are both healthy and every month we have food to feed the family and our bills somehow get paid.  My nephew Cole has made incredible strides in his recovery from the brain surgery that he had one year ago; truly amazing!  I am extremely grateful for that.

Life is beautiful if you take the time to look around and appreciate it.  Watch the sun rise or watch the moon set.   The hills, the valleys, the ocean and mountains, where ever you are…take some time to smell the roses and appreciate what you have.  If you can’t smell the roses, do what I do…brew some fresh coffee… I am grateful for that smell as well.