This past Sunday I attended a Mass at the local Catholic church, being raised in a household that followed both Jewish and Catholic beliefs, sometimes I still like to attend one or the other’s ceremony.  We, the Catholics, are currently in the season of Lent and during Lent it is suggested that we abstain from something, to show our devotion to Christ.  I think I will abstain from going to the Catholic Church again, for quite a while.

In the past when my wife and I go to church, it seems that the sermon is always focused on how the church needs more money.  I am grateful to say that this past Sunday it was not.  The gospel this past Sunday was talking about belief in Christ and how we, the people, should not listen to “Pagan” followers but should instead listen to the people “chosen by God, his holiness the Pope, the Cardinals and Bishops, as well as the Priests”.  I thought to myself, you pious piece of shit!  Do you really think that is what Jesus Christ would teach?  That the members of the clergy know better than me on how I should live my life and treat my follow man.  I would like to think that Jesus would rather view us all as equal, as brothers and sisters and that we are all family and that we should be treating each other as such.

I am grateful that I have the freedom to attend any religious ceremony that I want and that I have the freedom to think and voice my thoughts.  It is surprising that some still do not have this freedom.