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March 2012

The Chosen…

This past Sunday I attended a Mass at the local Catholic church, being raised in a household that followed both Jewish and Catholic beliefs, sometimes I still like to attend one or the other’s ceremony.  We, the Catholics, are currently… Continue Reading →

simply put

Today to be quite honest, I am grateful that I remembered to do my post tonight… so close to forgetting; tenuous grasp of reality sometimes. Things just slip, slip away… and the importance of yesterday is a longing memory today—another… Continue Reading →

Why not…

Today I am grateful for faith…. I am afraid of what I am about to do, but I am trying very hard to be faithful and to know that it will work out and it will all be okay.  Today… Continue Reading →

And I think to myself

Today, and I can safely say today – because it is Wednesday (yes, sometimes we do schedule our posts ahead of the agreed upon day of posting) – today I am grateful for my eldest daughter. Because yesterday, she shared… Continue Reading →

What? You again?

So what can I write about that you have not already heard?  I am grateful for my family, my house, my health….. my life!  Yep you have heard it all before, but that today is what I am truly grateful… Continue Reading →

the little things…

I awoke this morning with a little bit of the “buzzzz” of trepidation going on inside me… seems i am willing to thwart myself at every step i take. Or perhaps, more accurately, have a habitual train of thought to… Continue Reading →

Drinking from the well…

Today I am grateful for people like Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield and Tom Hart.  I have read books and passages from all of them and it is because of them that I am drinking water every day from the well… Continue Reading →

never walking alone

Today I am grateful for the knowledge of knowing that I am never walking alone. Oddly enough, it is the recent passing of Ronnie Montrose. A man I understand was troubled by “personal demons” – who struggled with the inner… Continue Reading →

Moving Forward

A couple of weeks ago I decided that if I was going to start a new business venture with several people here in Northern California, that I would no longer wait for a friend of mine to venture to Northern California so… Continue Reading →

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