I have something that is on my mind… it has been for a few days—weeks even. Though really pressing the past 24 hours. Slavery.

It is painful to learn the depravity that human beings are willing to subjugate others to. It is abhorrent, repelling—frightening perhaps, to see how deep the pit is in which the human soul can fall. “Frightening” because I see that I am not apart from such acts. I am a human being, too. So those people are showing me examples of my capabilities. It is frightening to know just how far I can fall. We can not separate ourselves from the “monsters” of humanity. Humanity is like an ocean, made from many drops—and the ocean is one. So when I read about a horrific act done by another human being, I am also reading about my own potential. I am getting a glimpse into aspects of my own soul that are in need of healing.

I read a brief excerpt from “To plead our own cause : personal stories by today’s slaves” / edited by Kevin Bales and Zoe Trodd. What I read was horrible. And the narrator said there are things that she still can not talk about. This means that it gets even worse then what is written in the pages; I can not imagine anything worse. Maybe more to the point, I do not want to…

And in the midst of such depravity and hopelessness, there are voices of hope, such as Kevin Bales. It lifts my spirit to hear one speak of hope within such situations of seeming hopelessness. I have watched a few videos of Kevin speaking and find that he speaks with hope. He educates one about realities of slavery, not an uplifting topic—yet he continually speaks with hope.

So, today, I am grateful for the voices of hope. The people who continually speak out, and sing out—lifting people’s spirits. For healing comes with hope.

Slavery in Your Pocket: The Congo Connection from Free the Slaves on Vimeo.