Today my younger son had an appointment with the DMV in Tracy to take his written drivers exam; to make sure that he arrived there on time with all of the necessary documentation, I worked from my house today.  I did not want to drive 40 miles to work, 45 miles back to pick my son up and then 25 miles back in the same direction as my office to get to Tracy.  No it was much easier and more cost efficient to work from home today.  Yes I did work and actually probably completed more work faster, because there was no one calling me on the phone.  My son passed his test, so now I have two that are able to drive…yea!  Less driving for my wife and I.

Last week I bought my wife a new car, financing half of it as we try to increase our credit ratings.  This economy has been fun, hasn’t it?  It is beautiful and fun to drive.  I am thinking that she can drive my old car and I will drive the new….  anyway I filled that gas tank on the 6th of February and today is the 16th and we still have not added any fuel to it.  The old car would have been filled at least once by now, if not twice.  Woohoo for the new car and it’s gas mileage.

I am doing well in all of my business endeavors, my family and I are healthy and