Though choices often create a quandary for me, they also offer hope.

So, perhaps I have been suckin’ wind, face down in the mud of my mindscape—wondering what my life value is. (If we sum it up via a bank account balance, not much.)

Yet, this morning, a new morning, I have a choice to put my best foot forward and give full effort to the daily tasks before me. But what about something in which I have no skill in, like stand-up? Well, I choose to go to the open mic and give it my best shot—even if everything I’ve thought about to do over the past three weeks escapes me and I am left in the bright lights with nothing but myself and abject terror.

Maybe over time, if I keep choosing to push past my comfort zones and perceived barriers, maybe, the dreams I dream that fill me with light and joy will come true.

So, today, I am grateful for choices…