The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


February 2012


Though choices often create a quandary for me, they also offer hope. So, perhaps I have been suckin’ wind, face down in the mud of my mindscape—wondering what my life value is. (If we sum it up via a bank… Continue Reading →


This past weekend past weekend my grandmother’s immediate family came together to celebrate her 98 years of living.  It was a great life that she lived and therefore it was a great celebration.  It was great seeing my uncle’s and… Continue Reading →

beautiful night

I am grateful for the crisp, clear night After an easing winter’s gentle rain Bright stars and planets Glisten with Tiffany’s appeal A sliver of a moon peaks and begins to descend Ocean waves gentle on a sandy night shore… Continue Reading →

How blessed, am I….

Today my younger son had an appointment with the DMV in Tracy to take his written drivers exam; to make sure that he arrived there on time with all of the necessary documentation, I worked from my house today.  I… Continue Reading →


I had a great topic to write about, just yesterday morning, and well showing my age…. I have forgotten what it was.  Dooooaaahhh!!!!!  I knew that I should have written it down; but in this age of electronics, who uses… Continue Reading →

Inspiration and Hope

I have something that is on my mind… it has been for a few days—weeks even. Though really pressing the past 24 hours. Slavery. It is painful to learn the depravity that human beings are willing to subjugate others to…. Continue Reading →

Land of the Free…

How blessed am I that I am able to live in a country where I get to choose who runs our government?  Think about that.  There are very few countries who allow this.  Our problem right now is, there is… Continue Reading →

sweet life – well lived

Ah yes, a sweet life… well lived. What more can one ask for? I am just beginning to realize the meaning of “done too soon”. I am just now catching a clue… and there is still so much more to… Continue Reading →

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