What am I grateful for today, right now… this moment?

That I am enjoying the second week of two weeks off.

It is an amazing aspect of being a independent contractor that one has to really make a commitment to take time off. And I am just now learning the importance of rest. It started coming to light while in Yoga practice—or while I was pondering my yoga practice—which may I say is continually teetering on the edge of obscurity— a continual commitment needed to go contort and hold my body in positions that scrape the mind into reluctant translucence.

Ce la vie.

Anyway, I noticed how each instructor would emphasize the final pose of the practice session; shavasana. And I started thinking about how rest is emphasized in other spiritual writings and practices… And the rest? Is a work in progress. 🙂

And I am relaxing… and my brother owes me a coffee from last week. Life is pretty good…