Oh… yeah.

Times is getting real, yeah? It ain’t no thing for a player to git hit hard and find themselves facing mud like Yertle the Turtle… not an easy thing to be facing when one was so used to just glowing in the rays of the moon. Damn! 2012? Pa-Lease! Twenty down on your knees…

And you know what I am grateful for through all this? Yep. My yoga practice… which is a bit misleading ’cause I’m not as devoted as all that… But I been going at least two to three times a week for some time now. I just knows that I’d quit at any given moment at this point because I just ain’t committed yet. But I think I will… commit to it that is.

Because I am grateful and appreciate the practice. It helps me to focus my mind on the single vision of remaining peaceful while the limits and edges are pushed. Remaining peaceful as the nooks and undiscovered places of resistance become discovered—breath into these places with softness.

Yes. I am grateful for a practice that strengthens mind, body and soul… perhaps one day I will be a peaceful warrior.